Midnight Chroniklez 2

The Midnight Chroniclez in Aytee’s House

As producers widen their genres, producer/rapper Aytee brings the second installment of the Midnight Chroniclez series. A wide range of artists were roped in for this one. These include YoCa, C0M3M0, Arcane and Fluid.   Fans of deep house will feel right at home with this EP, featuring rappers, poets and singers over the 7 tracks whose […]

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Jonathan - Pandichakuona

Why You Will Love Jonathan’s Pandichakuona….

  I think this track should have been released on Valentine’s Day. I now get why he calls his music “Dhonza Baby Music” beacuse this one certainly makes want to pull that significant other closer. His name is Jonathan , a singer signed to DNA Entertainment and this one is produced by their in-house producer Ahsayn […]

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Have You Enjoyed Verseless’ Breakfast?

  Breakfast is a meal most of us start our day with. One of the most important meals of the day, sworn to be maintained. In comes Verseless with a track he enjoyed his breakfast to, aptly titled Breakfast.   Self-produced by the verseless one, featuring the vocals of Thandie Lin (who I first heard […]

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